Playing with this Dofus game

Awful launcher. Christ, only enable us to utilize the old one as well. The launcher lacks the role of logging customers with Ctrl + #; it also logs you into that 1 account you're logged on. . why? The old launcher was better in every way, some would argue even the aesthetic. I really don't observe a function in which the new launcher works better. Takes longer to log in, longer to open accounts logs without giving the choice to you. Who benefits from this? This is just an annoyance to just about everybody currently playing with this Dofus game.

No hint commented. It's Ankama. As always, they'll pretend the launcher is better, despite the Dofus players saying it isn't. Yeah, listen to your ego rather than the experts that understand Dofus game incomparably better than you do. All it would take moving back into the old launcher until the new one is done and is currently admitting an honest mistake, not the excuse for a launcher we are stuck with now. No one minds change, it's just that none of us like being made to change to a poor launcher that was rushed into existence and pushed down our throats.Swallow your self, admit the error, let us use the old launcher until the necessary functions on the new one are correctly implemented. It's not hard to simply acknowledge a mistake and move back a step.

The Ankama Launcher is slow to start. The Uplauncher came up and boom you're launching customers ready to proceed. The Ankama Launcher generally feels enjoyable to navigate up and is slow to boot. I've had it crash on me once during routine browsing, with no error message or anything... The process only died but it was in an entirely random moment and only once.This is compounded by the fact that the Dofus client itself takes ten million years to start these days. I thought that was altered in a recent upgrade, but I personally have not felt anything get faster in the last year.

Frankly I feel like creating your own launcher ecosystem is not the best use of your team's resources.Steam existshas your matches on ithas the built-in messaging and IM system which you are probably trying to create right now, is regularly employed by the majority of your Dofus players already, and provides numerous advertising opportunities to possible new Dofus players looking for this kind of MMO experience.Well the Steam launcher won't even start Dofus now, thanks for this, so much for keeping things clean and all in one place. Ankama you should have learnt the lesson with the authenticator shizz. Nobody asked for it, no one wants it. Why take that choice away from us, if you didnt want to reach a wider audience by going with Steam?

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