Opponents Temtem or pick their own

The most significant activity, alongside fighting would be to accumulate additional Temtem and train them up to be the ultimate team. In order to do this you will naturally need to start with the basics. Capturing Temtem is done in much the exact same way as in Pokemon. You go out to the wild, locate a untamed Temtem and use your own Temtem to weaken it. Once that is done a TemCard throws at it and hopefully tame it. First you level them up through battling. Next, you have to grow their stats through Single Values and Coaching Values. The SV's are hereditary and might require breeding but the TV's are obtained through combating too.

There are two ways of getting Temtem, one is by capturing them, by breeding them, another is. Breeding in Temtem has a few rules that have to be followed can allow you to make some rather powerful Temtem. First, the two Temtem to be bred must share a typing.The next thing to take into account is your Temtem's fertility level. Each time they strain, it moves down by a maximum of down 8 to 0. A Temtem using a fertility level of 0 cannot breed. But the child inherits both chosen techniques and Single Values that are higher.

When you've successfully assembled a team you can battle with others in a level that is competitive. Battling competitively in Temtem is different to that of Pokemon. Battles are still 2v2 but you bring a group of 8 Temtem with you. This does not mean that you battle with 8 Temtem, though. Instead there is a pick and ban phase. It goes back and forth from player to player, allowing one player to prohibit an opponents Temtem or pick their own (or some mixture of the two) until both players have selected 5 Temtem to battle with. This is a system to have for those considering battling since it means you can ban out a Temtem that might otherwise fully invalidate your team.

As any MMO or match like Pokemon does, Temtem provides you the ability to personalize your character. It took Pokemon some time to give the player any kind of character customization choices but Temtem has given the gamers that this ability away. There are a surprisingly high number of options considering that the game is officially out too. There are a multitude of head based a large variety of clothing, glasses in addition to items such as hair styles. It's pretty apparent that Temtem wants to provide you the ability to customize your character.

Check out https://www.mmoexp.com/Temtem/Pansun.html for more details.